Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Keyboard and Touchpad

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has been unleashed to the market in two versions, the small one with a 12.5” display and the other big one with a 13.3” display. So far, both versions have more than enough reasons to excite us. When we revealed its features, design and ports, we knew that Mi notebook has more than just worthy to buy. Xiaomi has enough experience in building formidable devices, especially to conquer the smartphone market. Now, they must be so serious preparing their first notebook to be as successful as their other devices. Now, we are going to see further about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air keyboard and touchpad.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Keyboard

Someone rarely notices at keyboard and touchpad of the notebook to buy. Mostly people will see the design, features, specification, performance, and also price of the notebook. Although the keyboard design is not the important part of a notebook performance, it is sometimes important when we need a notebook a lot for typing. A good keyboard can help you complete your work that much faster, while an uncomfortable typing surface can slow you down and even cause injury.

At the first time we see the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air keyboard, the first thing we notice is the positioning of the power button – right above the ‘Backspace’. This position reminds us about the MacBook Pro keyboard, but actually Xiaomi has been subtler with as the keyboard feels better than the former. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air uses a full size backlit keyboard, so that it can guarantee the beauty of the body. Mi Notebook also uses silver color in key caps with comfortable feeling, with the stroke depth of 1.3mm. if you use Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air at night, you sure will appreciate this full-sized keyboard with individually backlit keys. You can see every single key even in the darkness with this awesome feature.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Touchpad

After we are amazed with the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air keyboard, now we’re going to see its touchpad. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has a trackpad which is generously wide with a smooth glass layer on top. The touchpad is conventional but it did take us time to get accustomed to the clicks. The use of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air touchpad is typically the same as using touchpad on the other notebook. You can make several functions on the touchpad such as:

  • One touch of one finger for left button click
  • One touch of two fingers for right button click  
  • Double tap to select and use
  • Two fingers motion for page scrolling
  • Tap twice and move an object for moving an object
  • Out two fingers on touchpad and spread and drag them for scaling page

Five Key Things About Good Keyboard on Laptop

There are many manufacturers put a great deal on emphasis on how their keyboard design looks, but for sure slick style won’t prevent your shoulders from hurting or make you finish typing any faster. That’s why if you are planning for using your notebook mostly for typing, these five key things about good keyboard on laptop must be in your priority:

1. Keep an eye on key size and placement

Commonly every notebook has a standard QWERTY layout, but there are some manufacturers put their symbol or system control keys in different locations, with more or less emphasis on the functions you use the most. That’s why you need to see this thing carefully before choosing a notebook.

2. Look carefully at key shape and surface material

Keyboard key with concave shape is good for you so your fingers can rest within them and you can easily find the edges between keys without looking. You can compare this concave shape with the flat one, where chance to make mistake in typing is so much greater.

3. Look carefully at the palm rest

Palm rest area on the notebook keyboard can make all the difference in your typing experience and is very important to ensure that both of your wrists fit comfortably on the palm rest. It is much different when you are typing on keyboard without palm rest area, where your hands hang off the edge. This condition force your shoulder muscles to lift the entire weight of your arms as you type, possibly resulting in shoulder pain and injury.

4. Mind the pitch

Keyboards, based on OSHA guidelines for safe computing, should have a pitch of 18 to 19mm between key centers, spacing between key rows should be 18 to 21mm. Commonly, almost all notebook keyboards have the same standard pitch, no matter their style.

5. Go for feedback, avoid flex

Keys that provide strong tactile feedback help users know that their key press has been registered. This allows you to type more quickly without using more force that necessary.
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