Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Display and Game Test

Xiaomi’s first notebook which has hit the market for a couple months, offers more than just beauty. As new comer, Mi Notebook Air is not disappointing. The manufacturer successfully builds first notebook with so many excellent features and specification. For example, the useful feature of full-sized backlit keyboard that has been discussed in the previous post. Reviewing part by part of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is really exciting. Just like what we are going to review in this post: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air display and gaming test. We are so excited to know more about the notebook display as well as its performance and appearance when we are testing it for playing some games.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Display

The Mi Notebook has striking similarities with the MacBook. There is no marking at the back of the lid to identify that it was made by Xiaomi. But this means that users are free to customize the lid with sticker accessories. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3” has 13.3” OGS screen with 1920x1080 FHD screen resolution, and 800:1 comparison degree, up to 300nit brightness, 170 degree viewing angle. Mi Notebook Air 13.3” has very high clearness and gorgeous color in general. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3” uses 7H level hardness in its screen in order to avoid minor scratches. This will keep the notebook to stay flawless any longer.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is built with a very narrow bezel design with 5.59mm width. The overall screen to body ratio is up 80.1%, built beautifully to make it looks elegant. Mi Notebook Air is built with laminated panel and it does exhibit anti-glare properties. The Full HD panel on the 12.5” screen looks pretty good with a 90% color gamut. The Mi Notebook Air achieves commendable outputs in terms of viewing angles and color reproduction. Mi Notebook Air 12.5” also built in edge-to-edge glass based protection in this one. the bezels are very thin, reminds us of the one on the Dell XPS 13 though this one has no touchscreen. The Mi Notebook Air screen looks nice and crisp with just the right brightness when you need it.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Game Test

There are two versions of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. The small version with 12.5” and the big one with 13.3”. we are not going to discuss both versions because the small version is not aimed for gaming. This game test will be mostly about the Mi Notebook Air 13.3”. Based on the test, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GPU, when we play LOL, it shows very fast and fluently. With this test result, surely this notebook won’t disappoint you who love playing game a lot on notebook. This is main advantage of Xiaomi notebook for most game lovers to fulfil their desire about game on this notebook.

Game test is really important to know the screen quality of a notebook. It will result differently when a notebook is only used for typing and other standard operational. When we play game in high quality screen quality, we experience the game very smoothly, the game footage showed very clearly, and running very stably. Its frames remain at around 80, even over 100 sometimes. The longer you play the game on this notebook, the richer of picture details you will get. Eventually, the frames began to float but there it a period of time to show 40 frames. So far, it still performs well which can meet the basic needs to run the games. so, you still have you fun time to enjoy the game.
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